Business Law

You will find solutions to the legal questions of your company.
The law firm sees itself as an external legal department that will accompany you to professional success by creative and adequate solutions as well as a flexible working method.
Therefore an analysis from an economic standpoint restricted to the field of what is possible in favor of the contractor represents the initial situation of any research solution. Indeed the first goal is to prevent lawsuits thanks to meticulous and well thought out contracts. Other claims are imposed or avoided in a consequent way.

The law firm is specialized in:

  • Business Law » contract law, drafting acts

  • Business Law » commercial law, company law

  • Business Law » royalty and trade-mark law

  • Business Law » intellectual property

Small businesses can benefit from continuous consultation in agreement with the law firm.

Cordula Hildebrandt speaks fluent French and English and welcomes foreign customers.

The law firm was founded in the center of the University of the Saar in a dynamic environment benefiting from an excellent infrastructure and an evolutionary spirit. Today it is part of the Eurozone, a new Franco-German business estate, on the German side in Bremen d' Or. This site promotes cross-boarder business.